Child Safety Education

The Safety Education Alliance of America, Inc. is a partnership with years of experience in the …

Senior Citizen Safety

Senior Safety is a priority for the Safety Education Alliance of America. We have created these …

Bullying Education

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Fire Safety Education

We have created easy to use safety booklets for kids to help parents, teachers, and other …

Welcome to Safety Education Alliance of America!

We are the nation’s premier provider of safety information for all ages. Nowhere else can you find crime prevention, child safety, fire safety, elder safety and drug and alcohol prevention materials of this quality. Our materials are bright, vibrant and interactive to grab and keep attention. They are not only visually stimulating but they are packed full of the most current information that you find in the market-place today.

We also pride ourselves on the fact that all of our materials are made from American materials in the USA.

The Safety Education Alliance of America, Inc. is a partnership with years of experience in the field of personal and child safety education. We are committed to the idea, “When you know better, you do better.”

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Our belief is that if you teach children self-respect, character, integrity and decision-making at a young age, you will create citizens who make better decisions, have a civic mind, and are concerned with their fellow citizens and community. Our materials take a different approach to some commonly held prevention techniques. Our hope, here at the Safety Education Alliance of America, is that these child safety education materials will not only grab the interest of children and adults, but make a difference for our current and future generations.

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Child Safety Education

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