16 Kitchen Safety Tips For Children

16 Kitchen Safety Tips For Children

Kids love to help in the kitchen. Keep them safer by following these kitchen safety tips for children.

You don’t have to ban your kids from the kitchen. Letting them help you is a good way to introduce them to cooking and even encourage them to try new foods.

By talking to your child and keeping an eye on them, you can rest assured they’ll have fun without getting hurt. You might end up with messy counters as they help, but the smiles on their faces are worth it.

1. Supervise At All Times

One of the most important kitchen safety tips for children is to supervise them at all times. You shouldn’t let your child cook alone. Tell them to ask permission before using the kitchen.

2. Show Them Proper Appliance Use

Your kids watch you use kitchen appliances, but that doesn’t mean they know how to use them. Teach them how to use each kitchen appliance, such as the microwave, stove or toaster oven, properly so they don’t get hurt.

3. Teach Them To Wash Their Hands

Talk to your child about food safety and the importance of washing their hands before preparing foods. Also, advise them to wash their hands after handling raw meat and eggs to avoid illness.

4. Use Oven Mitts

If your child is handling hot pans, pots or baking dishes, give them oven mitts that fit their hands. These are easier for them to work with without falling off. Silicone oven mitts are a good idea as they don’t slide off dishes as easy.

5. Keep The Kitchen Clean

Messes are common in the kitchen, especially with young chefs. Teach your child to clean up any spills immediately to avoid slipping.

6. Explain Food Safety

Smaller children might not understand the dangers of raw meat. Explain to your kids why they should never consume raw meats and poultry because of the risk of food poisoning. Despite the appeal, don’t let them eat mixes containing raw eggs, such as cookie dough or cake batter.

7. Prevent Metal In Microwaves

Some dishes aren’t microwave safe because they contain metal. Show your kids how to tell which dishes are microwave safe and explain the fire danger of placing metal in microwaves.

8. Keep Handles Away From Edges

Whether it’s you or your child cooking, keep all pot and pan handles turned inward. Handles that hang over the edge of the stove are easy to knock over.

9. Show Them The Fire Extinguisher

No kitchen is complete without a kitchen friendly fire extinguisher. Show your child where the extinguisher is and show them how to use it. Ideally, you’ll be in the kitchen with them, so they won’t have to use it alone.

10. Stay Patient

One of the simplest, yet hardest kitchen safety tips for children is to stay patient. Children will make mistakes, but when you get angry, it causes them to make more. This could result in them getting burned, over-turning a hot pot or cutting themselves while cutting vegetables.

11. Keep Sharp Knives Out Of Reach

Until kids are old enough to properly handle knives, keep knives out of reach. Give your kids other tasks to do and handle all cutting yourself. Consider using plastic knives to train them as they get older.

12. Provide Proper Kitchen Attire

You might cook in long sleeves, but children aren’t as experienced in the kitchen. Require your little helper to wear short sleeves and an apron. This prevents them from burning their sleeve or dangling it in the food.

13. Secure Door Handles And Outlets

For toddlers and any children too young to help in the kitchen, keep them safer by using outlet covers and child proof door locks on cabinet doors.

14. Teach Them To Not Touch Hot Surfaces

Your child just sees food in the hot pot on the stove and might reach for it without thinking. Explain to your child that the stove, oven and any dishes sitting on the cabinet may be hot. Tell them to ask permission before touching anything.

15. Keep Breakables Out Of Reach

For smaller children, place your breakable jars and bowls away from the edge of your counters. Kids shouldn’t be able to reach these and accidentally pull them off. The broken glass could cut them.

16. Turn Off Appliances

You should always turn off and unplug (when appropriate) any appliances when you’re done cooking. For kids old enough to cook, tell them to follow the same rule.


Your kitchen should be a fun and safe place for you and your children. They can help you bake sweet treats or even get interested in eating their veggies. Just follow some important kitchen safety tips for children to make sure no one gets hurt.

Need help talking to your children about being safer in the kitchen? Use the child safety products from Safety Education Alliance to teach them more about staying safe.

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