About Us

Directors: Christy Pace and Susan Barnes

The Safety Education Alliance of America, Inc., is a partnership born out years of experience in the field of prevention. We have brought together the expertise of Officer Christy Pace, of the Palos Heights, IL police department, a 20 year veteran of this suburban Chicago police force who has spent in excess of 15 years of her career in the schools and out in the community as a crime prevention/drug education officer. In those 15 years she has delivered multiple life skill curricula to tens of thousands of children and adults. She has seen what works, and sadly what doesn’t.

With her, Susan Barnes, former national director and safety coordinator of a major distributor of drug and personal safety printed materials. Along with a team of nationally and internationally known educators and members of the scientific community, including our educational advisor, Jolene Palmer, who is known across the country for her cutting edge and innovative “brain based”, positive reinforcement teaching techniques, we have assembled the most current and timely information that is available on the market today.

We at the Safety Education Alliance of America, Inc., are committed to providing the very best, most accurate, up-to-date information as possible to assist the American people, both young and old in their journey to making their lives as safe and productive as humanly possible. Our materials take a different approach to some commonly held prevention techniques.

We are also committed to the idea, “When you know better, you do better.” Our belief is that if you teach children self-respect, character, integrity and decision-making at a young age, you will create citizens who not only make better decisions, but individuals with a civic mind, who are concerned with their fellow citizens and community as well.

“Our hope is that these materials will not only grab the interest of children and adults, but
make a difference for our current and future generations.”


Christy Pace & Susan Barnes


The team

  • Christy Pace

  • Susan Barnes