7 Tips For Teens To Help Prevent Cyber-bullying

7 Tips For Teens To Help Prevent Cyber-bullying

Prevention is the best way to end cyber-bullying. Today’s teens not only have to worry about face-to-face bullying, they also have to fear cyber-bullying in the digital landscape. The rapid spread of information via social media and texts makes cyber-bullying difficult to stop. The best way to slow it down is to take steps now… continue reading →

Elementary School Bullying

Signs of Elementary School Bullying

While many movies and news articles portray bullying as primarily a high school problem, bullying is actually twice more likely to occur in elementary school than in high school. Estimates for the percentage of children who face bullying in American elementary school hover around 10 percent. This bullying is often long-term, taking place on a… continue reading →

School Bully Problems

6 Steps to Resolve School Bully Problems for Your Kid

*image courtesy of http://www.sheknows.com Every parent remembers the school bullies who made us miserable. They stole our lunch money, knocked our books to the ground, or heckled us on the way home from school so often that decades later we still remember their names. Every parent is also haunted by nationwide news coverage of kids… continue reading →


HELP…my child is being bullied. What can I do?

A recent rash of tragic incidents has brought the topic of bullying to the forefront. However, most parents find identifying bullying behavior difficult. The tactics that bullies use to “get the job done” change, and it can be difficult to stay on top of all of the current trends.  Understanding the various types of bullying… continue reading →


Bullying? or Not?

In our opinion, one of the reasons that “bullying” has become such a pervasive problem is when situations are labeled “BULLYING” that are not. It desensitizes and softens the public perception of situations when people are truly subjected to the cruel and inhumane treatment that REAL bullying inflicts. Bullying, by definition, is UNWANTED chronic and… continue reading →

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Too many teen suicides. Is there a solution?

You cannot turn on the news these days without hearing that somewhere in the united states, a child has committed suicide and has cited “bullying” as the cause. Just this week a New Mexico teen, Carlos Vigil, killed himself after posting a suicide note on Twitter.  “The kids in school are right.  I am a… continue reading →

cyber generation book

Cyber Communication – The Cyber Generation

This series addresses a whole new arena of bullying activities via the internet, cell phones and personal data devices. Electronic communication is fast, easy and fun. However, when we communicate electronically, the only message that we get is “verbal.” There is no emotion and as a result, young people are learning how to interact with… continue reading →


Bullying – Who Does Bullying Effect? (Middle School)

Bullying affects everyone. Although there may be only one or two “direct” victims of bullying activities, everyone present is affected by the incident. The witnesses and bystanders may change the way they act or think because of what they have seen. ANYTIME YOU CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS OR ACTIONS BECAUSE OF FEAR YOU ARE A VICTIM… continue reading →


S.Q.U.A.D (5th – 6th Grade)

S-tandards, Q-ualities, U-niqueness, A-cceptance, D-ignity A book on Character, Control and Bullying Prevention, the concept of “SQUAD” is a model for teen decision making based on the fundamentals of character building, empathy and human dignity. These anti bullying lesson plans bring our young people back to the old addage “treat others as you would like… continue reading →