fire education for kids

Fire Education For Kids – The Facts

*image courtesy of   Despite significant advances in fire safety, home fires remain one of the most persistent dangers we face today. There were nearly 1.4 million fires in 2011, causing a total of more than 3,000 deaths and 17,500 injuries. Between January 1 and February 19th of this year, there were already 478… continue reading →

Fire Safety Tips for children

10 Fire Safety Tips For Optimum Protection of Children

Fire safety tips are important for new parents, or anyone who is responsible for children, toddlers and babies. Children below five years of age have double the likelihood of dying in fires, compared to everyone else. Actually, a significant percentage of residential fires are caused by toddlers (ages three to four) playing with matches and… continue reading →

fire safety education

The NEED for Kids Fire Safety Education is CRITICAL…

The Facts A residential fire claims a life every 3 hours, making fires the 3rd leading cause of fatal home injury (, 2010). For children ages 1 through 9, the number of deaths from fires and burns is second only to those from motor vehicle injury (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2000). Juvenile Arson is increasing… continue reading →


Kids Fire Safety Education Materials

Fire Safety K – 2nd – This activity booklet will keep the kids interested long after the classroom session, covering all the basics of fire safety education.View Sample | Learn More Here   Meet the Firefighter K – 5th – Firefighters are our friends in a fire. This vibrant activity booklet teaches kids fire safety… continue reading →