Home Security and Safety Tips For Seniors

Home Security And Safety Tips For Seniors

Your aging loved ones should always feel safe in their home and you can help them to feel safer with a few simple home security and safety tips for seniors. From falls to home invasions, seniors do face risks, especially when living alone. You can show them ways to better secure their homes. With a… continue reading →

Safety Tips And Warning Signs For Seniors On The Road

Safety Tips And Warning Signs For Seniors On The Road

Knowing when to have a conversation with an aging loved one about driving is as simple as learning the warning signs for seniors on the road. Driving abilities change as people age, so it’s only natural that seniors may not be able drive as well as they used to. You can help seniors stay safer while on… continue reading →

Food Safety Considerations for the Elderly

Food Safety Considerations for the Elderly

Food safety is an important consideration for older people. Seniors are more likely to become sick from bacteria in food than younger people. When they do become ill, it can take an older person longer to recover. The natural aging process causes a reduction in the amount of digestive acids produced in the stomach. Many… continue reading →

Safety Education For Seniors

Help Keep Seniors Safe With Safety Education For Seniors

*image courtesy of www.care.com Educating seniors about safety can play a key role in reducing the number of accidents, injuries and financial hardships seniors face. As people age, they often must deal with a variety of unique challenges, not just in their mobility, but also in their ability to properly assess a situation. Whether it’s… continue reading →

winter safety tips for seniors

Keeping Safe this Winter: Tips for Senior Citizens

As the temperature begins to drop, senior citizens will experience a greater risk of accidents, injuries, and health problems related to the colder weather. It is extremely important that older adults, and the individuals who care for them, take precautions during this time of year to ensure their safety. By checking on your elderly loved… continue reading →

senior travel safety tips

4 Smart Travel Safety Tips for Seniors

Today’s seniors are more active than ever before, and that is a good thing. Studies have shown that senior citizens who travel, work out and remain physically and mentally active suffer from less health problems than those who do not. Travel can be particularly good for senior citizens, since it simultaneously stimulates the body and… continue reading →


5 Vital Aspects Of Safety Education For Seniors

Safety education for seniors is vital in America because, according to the Administration on Aging (AoA), one in every eight Americans (39.6 million) is 65 years or older. By 2030, this figure will rise to 72.1 million. Even worse, age-related health problems such as weaker muscles and brittle bones means even small accidents could be… continue reading →

Senior Safety Tips Materials

Brochures for Elderly Safety

Burglary Prevention/Suspicious People One of our most popular brochures for elderly safety is Burglary Prevention. Seniors are living longer and better than ever. Many are living independently well into their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Knowing how to recognize suspicious people and activities in their neighborhoods, as well as ways to protect themselves and their property… continue reading →

Senior Safety Tips Calendar

This full-color 2015 monthly safety tips calendar is a perfect combination of information and functionality for senior citizens. Most seniors are tied to their calendars and diligent about checking them daily. This senior safety tips calendar provides topics pertinent for the time of year. The subject matter runs from personal and property safety, to identity… continue reading →