Community Safety Programs


(Law Enforcement and Fire Protection Agencies)

You can receive these current, vibrant materials to teach the members of your community about all things safe and not use any of your departments budget.

The safety and welfare of your citizens, both young and old continues to be an important part of fulfilling the mission of any municipal public safety officer.

There is not a more cost effective investment than to spend small amounts of money on prevention programs early rather than huge sums later to investigate crimes, arrest perpetrators, try them, and incarcerate offenders.

Budgets are getting tighter and tighter but the demand for safety and educational materials is not shrinking. Safety Education Alliance of America’s business solicitation program is a WIN-WIN for you and your community.

How business solicitation works:
SEAofA will request a letter signed by your agency head, on agency letterhead requesting a donation of any size from local businesses. This letter will be MAILED to your business community only. NO ONE will go door-to-door or solicit by phone, eliminating any feeling of pressure on your community members to donate. Any money that is received as a result of the mailing is yours to spend on safety materials. SEAofA does not charge a fee for this service, therefore the only funds that are taken are the actual printing and postage costs.

And that’s it!.. Contact Safety Education Alliance of America today, and let’s get started supplying the members of your community with the vital safety information that will make a difference in everyone’s lives.

Remember, you can also purchase materials directly using agency funds, grant funds or forfeiture monies.