iPad Apps make your life as a parent easier

ipad apps for parents

There are plenty of iPad apps that can make your life as a parent easier. They can help you plan your day and also help you care for your kids. Here are a few iPad app choices that you should find useful as a parent.

WebMD Baby

WebMD is an authority site for medical information. The WebMD Baby app is, not surprisingly, useful for parents with babies. The app contains more than 400 articles and videos that will help you better understand your baby’s health.

All the information accessible in the app has been reviewed by pediatricians, to ensure it is as accurate and trustworthy as you would expect from a provider with WebMD’s reputation. The app also gives you the opportunity to create a baby log where you can keep notes about your baby’s feeding and sleeping habits.

High Contrast Patterns, Animations and Shapes

Do you want something to keep your baby’s attention while you handle something urgent? Then this iPad app is definitely what you need. Baby View’s High Contrast Patterns, Animations and Shapes app plays music while displaying constantly changing high-contrast patterns and shapes. A baby’s vision is not as developed as an adult’s and this app captures babies’ attention through its unique combinations of patterns and shapes that move constantly, with tiles rotating a bit like sliding puzzles.


Footprints is subtitled “Find My Kids” and is a great app for all parents who want to keep an eye on their child, without constantly harassing them by phone. Thanks to GPS location, the Footprints app can locate your child in real time, and keep track of their movement throughout the day.

By simply referring to the easy-to-read map, you will know whether your child has made it safely to school or to a friend’s house. The tracking information is only shared with authorized people. This is definitely recommended for anxious parents who like to know where their children are at all times, or for occasional checks on your children’s safety.

Baby Pack & Go

Parents with kids know how difficult it is to remember everything when it comes to travelling. There are so many items that you need to take with you! The Baby Pack & Go app is specifically built to simplify your packing.

The app provides ready-made lists of everything you need to pack, depending on your destination, thus allowing you to plan your trip better. You can also create your own list and save it in the app to make future travels hassle-free. This is a great app for parents who are anxious about forgetting important items when taking their kids with them on a trip… or for anyone who always packs at the last minute!

Toddler Counting 123

Are you looking for a more educational app for your toddler? Toddler Counting 123 will help your toddler quickly learn to count, using realistic photos and sounds. Children will not only learn about numbers but also how to read and recognize them. This is a great app to help your kids learn something new while having fun.

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