Excellent presentation. Held student interest. Topic very relevant

5th grade teacher – Navajo School, Palos Heights, IL

This would be great to start the school year. It ties into our Positive Behavior Program

4th Grade teacher – Navajo School, Palos Heights, IL

Very High Interest brochure. Real life situations are discussed. Great focus on individual responsibility.
Thank You!

J. Crowley – 3rd grade teacher

GO Safety Squad!

J. Barker – Kindergarten teacher

The material is more current and deals more with the issues of today’s youth, such as bullying, Internet safety and alcohol abuse,” . “It also focuses on empowering the child and helps them understand that, while Mom and Dad will do everything in their power to protect them, ultimately it’s their choice to make the right decisions that will keep them safe.

Deputy Becky Haltaufderheid - Kewaunee County Sheriff’s Office (WI)

Content is OUTSTANDING! The best I’ve ever seen

Preschool Teacher

Great positive presentation to help the children understand different ways to help protect and keep themselves safe! Thanks for a great addition to our curriculum

2nd Grade Teacher

Very informative and definitely kept the children’s attention. Great real-life situations that need to be discussed and how they can react in difficult situations. I am a strong believer in this program – children need to hear this from as many adults as possible.

3rd Grade Teacher

The materials are so professional and eye-appealing! They grab everyone’s attention! Then they keep their attention to fill them (the children) with such important knowledge. Facts they will keep close to their heart.

D. Ploharczyk - 4th Grade Teacher

There are many appealing aspects to the new printed material. Not only do all of the lessons emphasize character, integrity and accountability as the underlying traits for good decision making, but the curriculum for each grade level is age appropriate and relevant.”These are not just coloring books,” “These are interactive materials that give students actual scenarios and allow them to work through a variety of situations. The older kids are being taught about real issues that are relevant to them in an age-focused format

Sheriff Matt Joski – Kewaunee County (WI)